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The Final 22

So he's finally made his decision. Glenn Hoddle's squad to win the World Cup this summer. There's no Gascoigne so whose going to provide that little bit of extra magic.

Here we take time to look at his squad in detail.We will assess the pro's and con's of each player, look at their current form, and you can even post your views on the player. You can even buy each players World Cup Shirt with squad number and name.

The Final Squad
D.Seaman T.Flowers N.Martyn
G.Neville T.Adams G.Southgate G.LeSaux
S.Campbell R.Ferdinand M.Keown
D.Beckham P.Ince D.Batty
R.Lee S.McManaman D.Anderton
A.Shearer T.Sheringham M.Owen
P.Scholes L.Ferdinand P.Merson
On Standby (TBC)

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